I’ve often said that am image without a person in it is empty. I truly believe that and with no disrespect intended to my colleagues who make brilliant still-life, product, and landscape images. My personal esthetic demands that an image have a human being in it, and of all human features, that with the greatest visual importance is the assemblage we call the face.

A human face is an ongoing visual narrative of a moment in time, a lifetime on earth, an unearthed memory, a forgotten love. As an actor I came to understand that one’s thoughts can be conveyed via the face without any conscious effort. Think it and the world will see it. Professional card players strive for years and years to achieve a “poker face” and only a few succeed. I suspect that a poker face can lead to all sorts of emotional problems. It takes no effort to convey and tremendous concentration to obscure. That can’t be healthy.

I love faces. I could photograph them all day, every day. I have photographed a particular face over and over again and have not tired of it. The subtleties of a face make that face a fresh subject every single time.

Here is gallery of some of my favorite faces.

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